Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What Looks Good?

Honestly, after all the money I have spent on comics the last few weeks, I really shouldn't, but yet, here I am buying up some new comics nonetheless. It's like a weekly habit, or something.

Superman #673 -- The Insect Queen story wraps up, just as I have learned that Kurt Busiek is leaving the title. Oh well.

Showcase Presents: Enemy Ace V.1 -- Man, these phonebooks are really starting to pile up!

Tiny Titans #1 -- This is too cute to pass up. I mean. Seriously.

Wonder Woman #17 -- I can't afford this title any more, which stinks, because it really, really kicks it. Hard.

Iron Man: Enter The Mandarin #5 -- It's a good time to be an Iron Fan, what with the main book tearing it up, the movie on the horizon, the second ongoing just announced, and awesome minis like this one out there.

Spooks #1 -- This series looks like part GI Joe and part Wetworks, leabing more towards the former than the latter. IE, Sounds pretty cool.

So what looks good to YOU?

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