Thursday, February 28, 2008

Special "No Content" Update

Bleah. Sorry guys, not feeling too hot today, so here's something to explain my current "Quote of the Now" over on the side of the page, instead. From the Mystery Science Theater 3000 take on Godzilla vs Megalon, popcorn has never been more twisted. "Nightly! Nightly, do you hear me?! Nightly!"


Diabolu Frank said...

I was surfing the net today, and stumbled across the web site from which your El Jacone banner originated. Would you like a better scan of that image, or do you dig on the harsh retro vibe of the shoddy newsprint?

Luke said...

Sure! I think the harsh look comes from my editting "software" than anything else! I would very much appreciate it, dude. Send it along to ljacone at yahoo, if you don't mind.