Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Unbridled Capitalism: Mr. K's for October

I made a trip to Mr. K's Used Books in Greenville yesterday looking for something non-comics related, but you know me: I love a good deal.  So when I saw these books I couldn't leave them.

100 Bullets -- This title never gets much mention here on The Bunker, mostly because I have exclusively bought it in collected format.  I picked up Volume 1 (First Shot, Last Call) a number of years ago at Midtown Comics, and then religiously bought the series through Volume 5.  I lost track of the series when I moved but now I have been on the lookout for the rest of it in cheap form so that I can read the whole thing.  Yesterday went a long way to completing my collection, as I picked up Volumes 6-9 and 13, which is the last one.  Throw in Volume 11 which I picked up a few months back and I am down to two collections to finish up the run -- Volumes 10 and 12.  Get ready for some gunplay!

Excalibur -- Now this one you folks should be more aware of.  I've actually got everything I am looking for as far as the Excalibur regular series, but I did pick up the prestige format Weird War 3 yesterday, which I had not seen previously.  So hopefully we can get a return of Not Blog Ex on this site in the near future.

Remember folks, good deals are out there if you keep your eyes peeled and your wallet at the ready!

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