Thursday, September 29, 2011

Discount Bin Finds -- Random Borderlands Rummaging

I headed to Borderlands yesterday to pick up few of the New 52 comics yesterday (namely Aquaman, Fury of Firestorm, and Superman), and I happened to flip through a few of the dollar bins, and boy I hit some good stuff!

Outsiders v.2:no.3 -- Eradicated!  So says the cover, as Eradicator begins his association with the Outsiders in this issue.  This was a totally random find, but one which is much appreciated as I am still filling in my collection of volume 2 of Outsiders and this was one I needed.

Weird Western Tales #51 -- Featuring Scalphunter!  I could not pass up an issue of Weird Western Tales, as rare as they are around here.

Wonder Woman #246, 255, 271 -- If you remember, back at FCBD this year, I picked up a few issues of this era of Wonder Woman, and have liked what I read.  So when I found a few more I had to pick them up!  Especially with the New 52 Wonder Woman seemingly being one of the early breakout titles of the reboot, these classics are a lot of fun to read.

Marvel Premiere #50 -- Starring... ALICE COOPER!  Are you serious bro?!  How freaking awesome is this?  I LOVE Alice Cooper and putting him in a Marvel comic book is so downright awesome that I cannot wait to read this one.  No More Mister Nice Guy!

I definitely need to head back and dig through their bins some more!

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