Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What Looks Good?

It's a new month and a new dawn for one of the Big Two.  What comics will I be checking out this week to celebrate?

Hawk And Dove #1 -- Check out this interview with scribe Sterling Gates.  Not sure why this one is gathering so much attention from me but here we are.

Men of War #1 -- Last year I commented that I thought DC's War event in September was leading up to a revival of the genre, and it seems I was on the money.  This one should be the grittier of the two.  You can check out a teaser, too.

OMAC #1 -- I did not preorder this book but the more and more I see of it and read about it the more I want to read it.  DiDio and Giffen killed it on Outsiders and this one looks even more insane.  Giffen was honing his Kirby style on that book and now he gets to go all out with it.  You can read interviews with DiDio here and here.

Godzilla: Gangsters & Goliaths #4 -- The Yakuza is used to dealing harshly with those who threaten them, but how do you deal with a man armed with a giant monster?

Charmed #13 -- Mom, Restaurateur, Superwitch... Can Piper Halliwell do it all?

So what looks good to YOU?

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