Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The 3rd Dimension: October 2011 Roundup Mk.2!

Alright toy fans, here's a quick rundown of two more figures I have picked up in the "recent" past!

Iron Man 2 Titanium Man -- I said in a previous one of these rundowns that after I found the Iron Man 2 Crimson Dynamo, I was eager to get ahold of his fellow Soviet armored compatriot (comrade?) Titanium Man.  I only saw him one time so you had better believe I snapped him up.  His bio describes his as Boris Bullski, but the armor looks a bit more like the suit the Gremlin wore, so I am just taking this as a new suit for Bullski (who is the T-Man I always liked anyway) and going from there. I like the height, and his big, tready feet help his poseability.  The green and silver color scheme looks suitably menacing as well.  His helmet is my favorite feature.  It evokes the Silver Age faceplate but looks very modern at the same time.  All in all this one of my favorites from the line and he and the Dynamo stand side by side ready to fight in the name of their Motherland.  Interestingly, there is a "Legends" scale version of this T-Man armor as well, but I have held off on it for the time being because of the price.  But I am sure I will give in soon enough.  (There is also a Legends Dynamo which I have never seen, but it looks like the Shatalov armor as opposed to the Bukharin  armor like the smaller toy.)  His blast accessory is actually not bad, featuring a sort of "power punch" as opposed to the typical repulsor style beam.

Iron Man 2 Guardsman -- This one was a nice find because I picked it up right while I was reading Essential Iron Man v.4, which features all of the Kevin O'Brien Guardsman stories!  This figure really captures the classic two-tone Guardsman look.  Both shades of green pop and look really nice together.  The main issue I have is the buck, which is not an "armored" look but a muscled one.  If you look at it, Guardsman seems very overly muscled for a guy in armor.  It's not a huge deal but it defintely takes something away from the figure.  Still, I am willing to forgive that just because it otherwise is a very nice representation of the classic Iron foe.  (I won't mention the yellow blaster piece, alright?)  Makes for a good addition to the lineup of baddies.

More adventures in the 3rd Dimension to come!  

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