Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The 3rd Dimension: October 2011 Roundup!

Once more I'm dipping into the well of toys which I have bought over the last few months and reviewing them for your enjoyment!  This time out we have a trio of (wait for it) Iron Man toys!

Iron Man 2 Iron Man Mk.1 -- Up first we have the first!  No, seriously, this is the Comic Series Mk.1 armor, based on the armor which debuted in Tales of Suspense #39. This is the first item I have based on this armor, although I do have the Bowen statue of the gold armor.  Anyway, for such a simple design this is actually a very nice toy.  The articulation is good and his wide feet (with some molded ridges on the soles) help him stand up in some nice poses.  I even managed to get a TOS #39 cover pose out of him!  He is equipped with an energy blast, which really isn't accurate, but it's easily ignored.  One of the interesting aspects of this figure is the "marring" of the paint job.  There's plenty of scuffs and scorches and rust on the armor, and it really helps sell it as a clunky piece of machinery Tony Stark built to escape captivity.  Very happy with this one.

Iron Man 2 Silver Centurion -- We jump ahead about 20 years now with the Silver Centurion armor, which debuted in Iron Man #200, battling the Iron Monger.  Like the armor in the comics, this figure is bulkier than the normal "slim" Iron Man buck.  The sculpt is a reasonably close depiction of the armor from the comics; the colors too are really nice.  I have this one posed next to my Toy Biz Silver Centurion (that is, "Hologram Armor") and the two of them look great together.  This is a much improved version of this armor than the earlier one from the Marvel Universe line, which was built off of the Extremis figure and looked pretty weird.  His blast accessory is, as usual, pretty unremarkable.  This fan favorite armor is very well translated to the 3rd Dimension.

Marvel Universe Modular Iron Man -- Alright, first off, this one is seriously misnamed.  The Modular Armor was the armor which debuted in Iron Man #300, made famous by its depiction in the Marvel Action Hour cartoon and the Toy Biz Iron Man line.  This armor represents the modern Iron Man armor as seen in the pages of Invincible Iron Man by Matt Fraction and Sal LaRocca.  Now, as a depiction of that armor, this is a pretty good version.  It lacks some of what has come to be known as "control surfaces" which we see in the comics, but the colors and repulsor outputs look very close.  The helmet as well is also very sharp, with the frown reproduced straight from the page.  This figure is a more slim than the Silver Centurion, has good articulation and poses well.  His accessory is the same sort of repulsor blast which these toys come with, and are summarily tossed into a bin with all of the others once I get them open.  I don't know how long this armor design will last but it's nice to get a toy version of it.

More to come!

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