Monday, February 21, 2011

What I Read This... Month

Iron Man: Legacy #10 -- In Imperio, Tony Stark has to battle the Pride without even knowing who the Pride is!  The story comes back full circle in this penultimate issue.  I've enjoyed this book, and this issue continues the trend.  

Iron Man / Thor #3 -- Shellhead and Goldilocks are facing down the threat of the High Evolutionary, but Diablo has his own plans!  Fun, classic-style Marvel action.  This one has a good balance of action and intrigue, and makes great use of the quartet of baddies as well.

Weird Worlds #1 -- A trio of tales of the strange and unusual.  First off, Lobo proves harder to kill than most would suspect; secondly, space traveler Tanga is just looking for conversation, but finds trouble instead; and finally, the muck monster Garbageman rises.  Short and sweet, each segment of this book was enjoyable.  A treat for those looking for extra-superheroic stuff.

Steel #1 -- John Henry Irons suits up to battle the unstoppable killer named Doomsday.  Taken on its own this was somewhat underwhelming, but as the opening salvo of a larger piece I thought it was good.  On its own it is a well put together little story, but it has no real ending, which hurts.

Brightest Day #17 and Brightest Day #18 -- You can click on the titles to get a more full review over at Being Carter Hall.

Doom Patrol #18 -- The Patrol has to battle their way out of a castle in North Korea - and all that stands in their way is a family of immortal assassins.  The Aristocrats certainly make for strange enemies in something of a minor Doom Patrol outing.

Marineman #2 -- Steve Ocean's life gets a lot more complicated when he is caught on camera saving his friend from a shark swarm -- and staying underwater without an oxygen supply for over an hour in the process.  Churchill's book is clean and bright, a throwback to a simpler time, but still thoroughly modern.  Worth reading.  

Tiny Titans #36 -- Tiny Titans under the Earth!  Join Terra as she gives a tour of the upper crust and mantle, much to Beast Boy's chagrin.  Cute as always.  

Namor: The First Mutant #6 -- With New Atlantis starting to get settled, Namor ends up in Hell!  Literally!  Best moment of this issue is the arrival on the last page.  I still enjoy this book but find the X-Men related stuff very tiresome.

glamourpuss #17 -- Just what did Stan Drake and Alex Raymond talk about that day in Drake's office?  And JFK in a light you may not have thought about him before.  Good issue overall; the JFK quotes were thought provoking for me, and the Drake/Raymond narrative well done all around.  I especially like Sim signing a few "strips" in the style of Stan Drake.

Futurama Comics #53 -- A planet of robot cannibals!  What else do you need to know?  Definitely a lesser issue but still some great gags sprinkled throughout.  

Kull: The Hate Witch #3 -- Kull battles against his own tribe as he stalks closer and closer to the Hate Witch.  But war is brewing back in Valusia, and Atlantis is no safer for the King, either.  Very solid barbarian outing; hopefully next issue will come to a good conclusion - that or at least the promise of more to come.

Re-Read Pile: Iron Man: Legacy, Iron Man / Thor, Werid Worlds, Steel, Brightest Day, Marineman, Kull.

The Pick Of The Pile is Weird Worlds, which stood out from the crowd with its mix of genre stories and the three different voices contained within.  Good stuff.

So, what did YOU read?

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