Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Outsiders Joined By Doom Patrol, Others

Take a look at the May solicitations for DC Comics, and notice that Outsiders is not alone on the chopping block.  Also scheduled for their final issues that month are Doom Patrol, REBELS, Freedom Fighters, and JSA All-Stars.  It's Spring cleaning time at the DC offices, it looks like.  

Needless to say seeing two of my favorite titles getting dumped for, seemingly, more and more Green Lantern and Batman related stuff is very disheartening.  Outsiders is a throwback title to the types of comics which kicked butt and took names in the 80s.  Doom Patrol is the "weird" book which still retains the readability which Keith Giffen will always be known for.  Both sets of creative teams were in their stride and cranking on all creative cylinders.  Just to see them dumped so unceremoniously is a blow to me as a reader -- especially when we have a gaggle of Batman titles, stuff like Secret Six and THUNDER Agents hanging on, and 2 different Legion titles.  Bleah!

After these books end, I will be down to one, count it, ONE regular monthly DC title -- Flash.  Tiny Titans as well, but as far as the DCU at large, that's it.  As I get older, it seems that while I still have great affection for DC and Marvel, I find myself drawn more and more to 3rd party publishers and lesser known titles.  That trend is still continuing, and I imagine will only get worse.


Diabolu Frank said...

Indeed. I was in this position two years ago, when the arrival of R.E.B.E.L.S. kept me from dropping all DC series. Next came Blackest Night, which piggybacked Brightest Day. Since I've decided to skip Flashpoint, next month may finally bring my first without a single DC comic ordered, depending on what my virtual shop marks as a loss leader.

Adama said...

Since the only one of those books I'm getting is R.E.B.E.L.S. I guess I mostly dodged the bullet there. Also, some of us are happy about the two Legion books. :)

Luke said...

I'd much rather have a schedule with one Legion book and one Outsiders book, thankyouverymuch!