Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What Looks Good?

It's Wednesday so you know what that means!  It's time for some Christmas shopping!

Mighty Samson #1 -- Never read the Gold Key originals, but this sounds awesome!

Brightest Day #16 -- This is the one I miss buying as it comes out the most.  This series is insane.

Mighty Crusaders #6 -- I really wish I had #3 so I could be caught up on this series!

Showcase Presents: Our Army At War -- Because I need another Showcase.  But... DC War comics!

Superman #706 -- How will this story play out with JMS leaving?  Time will tell I suppose.

Iron Man: Legacy #9 -- I'm sorry but this book rocks.  This is Iron Man, dammit.

Charmed #4 -- The Source is back?  Uh... that is bad...

Darkwing Duck #7 -- A Crisis of Disney Afternoon Proportions!

So, what looks good to YOU?

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