Thursday, December 2, 2010

Here Comes The Money!

*cha-ching* Money talks!

The Richest Boy... IN THE WORLD is back!  The Gold Level comics for Free Comic Book Day 2011 have been announced, and Ape Entertainment is bringing the cash in the form of the Richie Rich/Kung-Fu Panda flipbook.  It looks like our favorite Poor Little Rich Boy has been upgraded, with Cadbury packing heat and Irona looking like she stepped out of a super-robot anime!

I am all over this like green on money, honey.


Adama said...

Whenever I see Richie Rich, I think of the Super-Bat character from the Super Young Team in Final Crisis. "Witness the power of money unleashed!"

Luke said...

I wouldn't put it past Morrison to have Super-Bat show up with a robot maid at some point.

Super Young Team as a concept almost makes me like Morrison, heh.