Friday, December 17, 2010

Bunker News Briefs - 12/17/2010

ITEM!  DC ends the Red Circle, including the team of American heroes known as the Mighty Crusaders, and instead hypes the hell out of a UN-based team the THUNDER Agents.  In South Carolina, one fan fumes and broods.

ITEM!  Kieth Giffen is kicking it hardcore as the new regular penciller on The Outsiders.

ITEM!  Marvel finally decides to stop lying and comes out and explains their take on Cyclops, the mature, responsible leader of the X-Men.

ITEM!  Newark, New Jersey: two men stole a container labeled "Beefeaters" thinking it was filled with premium gin that would be easy to resell. Instead of gin, the container contained... 800 cases of toy dog bones. The men apparently didn't know that the gin's name does not have a final "s", but the pet company's products do. Police say dog bones are much harder to resell than liquor.

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