Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Swag 2010!

It's that most wonderful time of the year, when grown men get childish gifts from their loved ones and squeal with delight, and this year was no different.  So here's the haul!

Showcase Presents Hawkman v.2 -- Continuing the trend of getting phonebook comics for Christmas, this one finishes up all of Hawkman's first solo title and his run in The Atom & Hawkman.  I have so many of these to read it's not even funny at this point, and yet, more keep coming out and ending up in my house!

Smallville seasons 8 and 9 -- I joked to my wife that at some point when the kids are grown and out of the house, we will have the time to rewatch this entire series.  These two years were defined by a marked increase in the quality of the show after the doldrums for a couple of years, a trend which continues to this day.  Season 9 also includes the Absolute Justice telefilm!

Iron Man glass tumblers -- These came from my son, but seeing as he is barely old enough to talk, let alone purchase a gift, I am willing to bet his mom had some part in this.  Anyway, these are two glass tumblers decorated with George Tuska art (!), which is appropriate as I am currently reading Essential Iron Man v.4 which has an awful lot of Tuska in it.  These are a good match with my exclusive Shellhead Toon Tumbler from NYCC.

And to round things out, my father got me somewhere along the lines of three dozen Godzilla, Gamera, and Ultraman mini dioramas, to the point that I actually need more shelving to display them.  Yikes!

So what did YOU get for Christmas?


Mister Bones said...

Nice! I got Captain America tumblers with Jack Kirby art, was very excited.

Adama said...

I have the Moon Knight tumbler myself. For Christmas, my brother got me a Lego Darth Vader alarm clock and the new D&D red box set. Definitely earned himself some brownie points with those.

The wife got a me t-shirt with the Delorean crashing into the TARDIS. Awesome sauce.