Monday, November 15, 2010

What I Read This Week

A few months ago, I picked up 99.44% of the epic Superman "New Krypton" story off of The Ebay, and have been working my way through it.  

Supergirl #50 -- An oversized anniversary issue, this is a sort of "done in one" which resolves a long running subplot while redirecting a previous major plot.  Lana Lang's mystery ailment is revealed to be an infection transforming her into the Insect Queen!  Supergirl from the New Krypton era is a fabulous book.  I have never had any interest in Kara in any form until I read this run.  My main complaint about this issue is that this Insect Queen hisses with a running "sss" instead of buzzing with "zzz" like Kurt Busiek wrote her.  And if that is what you have to complain about, you know you have a good comic.

Superman #697 -- In the wake of the attack on Science Police HQ, a vast conspiracy around Mon-El stands revealed!  Who has been keeping a watchful eye on our favorite Daxamite and what is their true motives?  To be continued over in Adventure Comics!  Superman has stood out to me during my New Krypton readings, and this issue continues that trend.  I just dig Robinson's take on Mon-El, Steel, Guardian, and the rest.  The main sticking point for me in this issue is that I don't know much of anything about the Legion of Superheroes so the reveals are somewhat less impactful for me.  Still a strong issue for sure.

Hawkman v.2:no.1 -- Please head over to Being Carter Hall to see the review.

So, what did YOU read this week?

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