Monday, August 30, 2010

What I Read This Week

The Mighty Crusaders #2 -- The Futurist Durlans begin the next phase of their plan, while the Crusaders are the first responders to the destruction of Raymond Industries HQ.  There;s a lot going on here -- I really get the sense that this story was planned to play out in the background of the pages of The Shield and The Web, but instead is happening on a faster timetable due to the format.  Don't get me wrong, this is still awesome stuff, but man, I wish the Red Circle had caught on a little more.  Jerwa and Trautmann have put together a heck of a tale and are weaving their own little corner of the DCU into one heck of a fun place.  

Outsiders #32 -- While the rest of the team is dealing with a rampaging Metamorphemo, and being international pariahs, The Creeper has his own problems: namely, being dragged to Hell by a gorgeous fiend to be used to breed an army fo Creeper demons!  Phillip Tan seems uniquely suited to drawing the flaming pits of the underworld and it's inhabitants.  DiDio has fun with Creeper's dialogue and split personality.  Much like the Looker solo issue, this sets up not only Creeper's re-entrance to the team, but also a subplot for future use.  I can always count on this book bringing a smile to my face.

Namor: The First Mutant #1 -- In light of the X-Men's vamprific troubles, Namor must travel to his old undersea stomping grounds to recover a relic which will help his fellow mutants.  Despite the strong ties to the parent X-Men title, this issue does a good job of being about Namor and his fellow Atlanteans, rather than the crew on Utopia.  Olivetti's art is... well, it's his art, you either love it or hate it.  It leaves me feeling a little cold most of the time, but he does render a very regal (and ticked off) Namor.  As the setup for an ongoing Submariner story, I liked this comic, and will check out the next issue.  Features an interesting text backup, written by Namor's sister Namora, detailing our hero's history.  

Robocop #6 -- One of OCP's ED-309 military droids has gone off the reservation... and now it's programming is telling it to invade Canada!  Robo is pretty aloof and unapproachable in this comic, which is appropriate considering the events of last issue.  Great mix of violence and satire, with Ms. Odenkirk's solution to the problem being a perfect corporate gag.  Good book.

Zeroids #1 -- Gone missin'.  Hopefully will show up soon.

Re-read Pile: Mighty Crusaders, Outsiders, Namor, Robocop.

The Pick Of The Pile is Crusaders, which was worth the wait.  But all of the books this week were good, solid, and entertaining reads.  

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