Monday, August 2, 2010

What I Read This Week

The Flash #4 -- The Flash's battle with th Renegades continues, but Captain Boomerang has other ideas.  We finally learn why the Renegades are out to arrest Barry Allen and the "In Case Flash Returns Break Glass" mirror is brought front and center.  Fast paced little issue, with enough action and speed tricks to keep me entertained the entire running length.  Manupal's art has really grown on me.  

Outsiders #31 -- "Chemorpho" runs wild in the desert, Ge-Force is up to something, and Creeper has his own problems.  I really enjoy this title and this issue was a lot of fun.  I may be the only one with those opinions.  DiDio and Tan are telling their own story here, and its been one heck of a ride so far, with the developments of this issue certainly adding to the intrigue.  DiDio throws in two jokes which are so modern that they most certainly will be hoary in a year, though.  

Warlord #16 -- Joshua leads the battle against the invaders in a fight that will change Skartaris forever.  The final issue of the series works out most of the remaining plot points (including McBain's movie, which I admit I thought would never be mentioned again).  Everything is rush rush rush, though, which is a letdown, and suggests that this was supposed to run a few more issues.  But it was good to see the series end with Grell in charge and doing his thing.  Maybe this won't work as an ongoing, but perhaps we can get Grell to do new Warlord material now and then and really explore this brave new world.

glamourpuss #14 -- In the front half, Dave Sim expounds upon the events of the day of Alex Raymond's death, while in the back half, glamourpuss herself expounds on the virtues of the MicrobeChip and it's applications of data mining on Facebook.  Some really beautiful automobile art really makes this issue shine, and there's a few glamourpusses in the second half which are downright beautiful.  

The Phantom: Ghost Who Walks #11 -- At the palace of HIM, the Phantom must face down challenge after challenge in the gladiatorial pit.  We get some nice fill-in-the-gap type information here, fleshing out how each of the storylines in Ghost Who Walks has all been connected back to HIM from the previous volume.  There's also some very nice variety in the way the Phantom deals with his challenges.  Too bad the series ends with the next issue.

Re-Read Pile: Flash, Outsiders.

The Pick Of The Pile is glamourpuss, which mixes some really heavy material very nicely with a lot of much lighter material.

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