Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Outsiders #32 Preview

Straight from DC's The Source blog, we have a preview of Outsiders #32, which comes out tomorrow, August 25th, at comic shops across the country.

Anyone who has been following the Bunker knows that I have been veery much enjoying Outsiders under Dan DiDio.  I approached his run with a lot of trepidation, considering how much I dug what Peter Tomasi was doing, but DiDio has put his own stamp on the title and given it a very unique perspective.  The splitting of the team into two factions is crazy fun, with Geo-Force pretty much gone gaga in Markovia, while Black Lightning and his crew fight for their lives back in the USA.  Every issue has a lot of different plots being spun and the book almost always makes it to the top of the pile the week it comes out.  So give it a shot, why don't you?


Doug said...

I have tried to give this book a go, but Didio's writing is just not my preference. The art for this issue, however, is a fine feature to push this book with. Good looking story here.

Luke said...

Believe me, I understand. I don't think I have come across anyone else online who has been enjoying Outsiders under DiDio. But I think everyone can agree that the team under him is anything but "generic superheroics," which is where I lump a good portion of the other DC team books (excluding the similarly unique Doom Patrol).

Tan's art can be hit or miss, but when he hits, his stuff is very eye-pleasing indeed.