Monday, August 16, 2010

What I Read This (And Last) Week

Well, since I was so lazy last week with the posting, I am going to combine last week's books with the previous ones.  Lucky for me I really only had one book this past week!

Magnus, Robot Fighter #1 -- In the 40th Century, the milespires of NorthAm are under siege from the Robot Mob, but a mysterious defender has arrived: the "Robot Fighter," trained from infancy to battle the tyranny of robotics.  Jim Shooter is nailing this to the wall, bringing the classic characters to life once again.  Strong story which sets up everything you need to know about the Robot Fighter and his mission.  Also includes as a bonus a color reprint of the first issue of the classic Russ Manning Magnus series.  Man I wish this one was ongoing!

Brightest Day #7 -- After Boston Brand eats his cheeseburger with Hawk and Dove, the Entity makes his presence known once more and reveals the reason why these specific people were brought back to life.  Questions are answered, but even more are raised, as this seems to be bigger than even was suggested early on.  This series never fails to intrigue and this installment continues that trend admirably.  

Doom Patrol #13 -- Elastiwoman, this is your protoplasmic life!  The revelations about Rita from the last issue are played out and laid bare, as we learn just how low Dr. Caulder is willing to go (again).  Rita always seemed like she was the most "normal" member of the Doom Patrol; well, throw that out the window now.  What I like about this series is that Giffen never phones it in -- he gives his best month in and month out, and this is no exception.  I also really like Rita's costume with the Veritgo-esque "dp" logo.  

Superman #702 -- Big Blue finds himself in the Motor City as his journey across America continues.  But what lies beneath the surface of the streets of Detroit?  Strong story from JMS, which has a sort of Silver Age vibe running through it which I thought was intriguing.  It still has modern sensibilities (Superman makes a comment about illegal aliens), but the story itself is a throwback.  But its in a good way.  "Grounded" continues to impress me.

Superman: The Last Family of Krypton #1 -- A simple enough question: what if instead of rocketing his only son from the doomed planet Krypton, what if Jor-El had taken himself and his wife along as well?  It's a simple question but it has complex repurcussions and outcomes, as Jor-El and Lara become celebu-saviors to the world, while young Kal-El finds himself unable to fit in amongst humans as a Kryptonian.  Cary Bates takes what could have been a one-note idea and makes the most of it

Iron Man: Legacy #5 -- The finale of the War Of The Iron Mean leaves it all on the table.  Iron Man, Radioactive Man, Crimson Dynamo, and Titanium Man find themselves in the path of a crashing tide of Starktech-derived Doombots, as Doctor Doom moves to annex Transia into Latveria!  How can you read that description and not get pumped up for some classic Marvel style action?  This series is off to a great start and I have big hopes for the next story as well.

Mighty Crusaders #2 -- Gone missin'.  Hopefully get it this week.

Re-Read Pile: Superman, Magnus, Brightest Day, Superman: Last Family, Iron Man: Legacy.

The Pick Of The Pile is Iron Man: Legacy, which was just awesome from top to bottom, and had a pitch-perfect voice for every character.  All in all this was a great couple of weeks.  

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