Monday, January 25, 2010

What I Read This Week

Blackest Night: The Flash #2 -- While the Flash runs all around the world with his nifty new Blue Lantern Ring, Captain Cold and the Rogues face down the Black Lantern Rogues!  The two-pronged story works well, even though the Rogues' thread is the more interesting of the two.  But Johns and Kollins doing Flash and the Rogues AND Blackest Night is just a perfect storm for this reader, and frankly that makes me happy.  

Outsiders #26 -- In Markovia, Crown Prince Brion has plans.  And when Brion has plans, things get done.  Dan DiDio and Phillip Tan come on board and immediately set new wheels in motion, bringing back an Outsider from the past and establishing fresh conflicts.  DiDio generally does a good job, and while a few characters appear to be acting out of character, the other characters address this fact, letting us know that these turns are intentional.  Tan's art can be scratchy, but considering the downbeat story, I think it's a good match.  Given the last page reveal and twist, they have captured this reader as well as my three bucks a month for the time being.

Tiny Titans #24 -- In the words of Steve Martin, everyone gets small!  Thanks to the "special formula" of Atom's little guy being used for theie breakfast, the Tiny Titans are even tinier than usual!  Great fun as usual, with plenty of gags revolving around small folks as well as The Ant's Uncle Ant.

Invincible Iron Man #22 -- After the big hubabaloo last issue about how to revive Tony Stark... nothing happens.  So Steve Rogers heads out to make a house call to one Dr. Stephen Strange.  This is an odd comic -- there's lots of scene changes but almost nothing happens.  It's like one half of a story moreso than even a chapter in a larger one.  Fraction pulled this sort of thing during the 12-part "World's Most Wanted" as padding, but this story arc is only 5 issues!  Yeesh.  Next issue promises more happening, but who can say?

glamourpuss #11 -- Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to read this one yet, so it's still on the pile for next time.

Re-read Pile: Blackest Night: The Flash, Outsiders.

The Pick of the Pile is Outsiders.  It's a new direction and a new creative team, but DiDio and Tan have my interest piqued.

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