Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Outsiders Toys Coming?

Could we be getting some Outsiders toys in mass market stores like Walmart?  According to the fine folks at Mattel, producers of the DCU Classics and and Inifite Heroes lines, the answer is yes!

Blog@Newsarama: It seems like most of the big teams in the DCU have gotten some kind of representation in DCUC, including the JLA, the JSA, the Titans, the Doom Patrol, and the Metal Men. What's the outlook like for the Outsiders and the Legion of Super-Heroes?

Mattel: Both are in the works!

Sounds good to me!  Hopeffully this means we can get some of the ladies represented.  Geo-Force and Black Lightning are both available from DC Direct, and there was a Build-A-Figure Metamorpho earlier in the line, but I would really like to see Katana and Halo in toy form, if not Looker as well.  Heck, both Katana and Halo also offer the chance to do variants!  Make it happen Mattel!

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Doug said...

Seems to me Black Lightning was also made by Mattel, perhaps in one of their stupid (I mean stupid as in exclusive) Walmart lines.

Katana does deserve to become a figure though! Owlman would be kind of neat. . .