Monday, January 4, 2010

What I Read This Week

Blackest Night #6 -- With the gambit to destroy the Black Power Battery last issue a failure, all of the resurrected heroes are now in the thrall of Nekron -- save Hal Jordan and Barry Allen!  But if the combined might of all seven of the Lantern Corps could not stop him, what chance to the other heroes of Earth have of defeating Nekron and his forces?  Slam-bang action from Johns and Reis, building on the best event of 2009, and setting itself up for what may continue to be the best event in 2010.  We're 3/4ths of the way through this series and the surprises just don't stop!

Blackest Night: JSA #1 -- The members of the Justice Society have their hands full, with Black Lantern Golden Agers such as the Sandman, Dr. Mid-Nite, and Mr. Terrific, plus Black Lantern Damage and an army of formerly dead foes!  I passed on this initially, but a solid review from the Alternate Reality podcast made me change my mind and pick it up.  I'm glad I did -- even though this is by James Robinson and not one of the JSA regulars, its a very strong story which shows that he has a solid handle on the Society as well as the League.  Very much has me excited for the next chapter.

Re-read Pile: Blackest Night, Blackest Night: JSA.

The Pick Of The Pile is Blackest Night, no question.  But both of these books were outstanding.

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