Monday, August 31, 2009

What I Read This Week

Flash: Rebirth #4 -- The first salvo is fired in what may be the ultimate showdown of the Flash and the Reverse-Flash!  Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver, love em or hate em, have a definite plan in place for the Flash Family and I think we are just starting to get a glimpse of it here.  Some big time "OH NO THEY DINNIT!" moments mixed with some wonderfully loopy Silver Age science produces one heck of a ride.

Red Circle: The Shield #1 -- When an American soldier in Afghanistan is cut down in the middle of an ambush, the Department of Defense takes him and turns him into a better, faster, stronger soldier!  But what connection does The Shield have to the rest of the so-called "red circle?"  I didn't pick up any of the other Red Circle specials but I am glad I got this one.  JMS and Scott McDaniel are not going to be on the on-going, but they have piqued my interest enough to check it out.  All I have to say is Shield vs Citizen Steel!  Make it happen, DC!

Wednesday Comics #8 -- More broadsheeted goodness.  I feel lame reviewing these each week because I have nothing but good things to say each week!  All I will add is that those who were complaining about the lack of action in the Superman strip should be happy now.  

Guardians of the Galaxy #17 -- With the War of Kings in the record books, things have gone from "bad" to "immeasureably worse," with a rift in time and space called The Fault growing at an alarming rate!  Any comic book which features a conversation between Maximus the Mad and Groot is worth the cover price.  Lots of fun as we start up the next direction in the Guardians title.  

Nova #28 -- Richard Rider takes on Praetorian and has to deal with King Blaastar before deciding just how the heck is he going to handle the new Nova Corps.  Ironically, I am seriously considering using this issue of Nova (along with GotG) as "jumping off points," not for quality, but rather for monetary considerations so I can better afford some less-exposed titles, such as the new Doom Patrol, but I doubt I will actually go through with it.

Phantom: Generations #4 -- The Fourth Phantom runs across a descendant of the original pirate who's skull he (and his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather) swore their oath upon!  I like how each one of these stories has had a different tone and really nicely mixed up the action from one to the next.  I look forward to when these are all released, because I am seriously considering binding them (with a purple cover, natch).

The Pick Of The Pile is Flash: Rebirth, as we get a re-introduction of my favorite Flash badguy in a manner which made this Flash-fanboy very happy.

So, what did YOU read this week?

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