Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What I Read This Week

Batman #689 -- With Dick Grayson finding his footing and style as the Dark Knight, the two competing bosses for Gotham City find themselves faced with a new dilemma to overcome: how to dispose of this somehow changed Batman?  Two-Face decides that the best defense is a good offense and goes on the attack!  I am digging Winnick and Bagely's take on Batman and his cast, especially the way that Two-Face and Penguin are handled.  Bagely's art is a good match to the story style Winnick is going for -- although take a look at the thug Two-Face brings in and tell me it's not Eddie Brock!  I guess there's only so many ways to draw big dudes with blondish hair in a crew cut, but that one made me laugh.  Still, very enjoyable (and straightforward -- do with that comment as you please) Bat-comic.

Blackest Night #2 -- More dead heroes begin to rise, including a few which I doubt many would have predicted.  At Mercy Reef, things take a nasty turn as the Black Lantern Aquaman and his subjects wreak havoc on Mera and Garth.  But the worst is still yet to come for the DCU!  A page-turning, eye-popping good time, even if the subject matter is gruesome and the story about six shades removed from being "fun."  Johns and Reis are on full throttle here, introducing new mysteries and ending on a cliffhanger which I don't think many readers can resist.  Once more I must complain that I have to wait a whole month for the next issue.

Red Robin #3 -- Tim Drake continues his galavanting across Europe, but now he has Ra's Al Ghul in his earpiece while doing it.  That doesn't help much when he runs into the Wild Huntsman while running down a lead, though!  This issue suffers a bit from being a "build up" chapter as things are slightly less crazy, but there is still some solid action and an interesting plot development.  And the subplot about the League of Assassians being attacked is getting more interesting.  Overall I am enjoying this new take on the former Robin.

Wednesday Comics #6 -- More old timey fun from the wide and vaired crew working on this project.  Don't know what I can say that I haven't said before about how awesome this is save that instead of "Iris West" in all of it's Zip-a-tone glory, we instead get the some Kubertian "Gorilla Grodd" as our second feature in "Flash Comics!"

The Pick of the Pile is Blackest Night, barely edging out Wednesday Comics.  Wow, all DC this week!  Although I did end up getting my books from the week before, so it was not a true "sweep," but still!

So, what did YOU read this week?

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