Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What Looks Good?

Nothing beats coming home from a hard day at the office and unwinding with a tall, ice cold comic book. What looks refreshing this week?

Batman vs Two-Face TP -- One of the main benefits of having your favorite villian appear on the big screen is the inevitable tie-in merch.

Tiny Titans #4 -- I don't know if anything can top the Jericho bit from last issue, but we shall see.

Captain Britian and MI13 -- Time to see how Cornell handles this new Excalibur. Except it's not Excalibur. Sorta. Also, I hope there is not too much "Secret Invasion" nonsense.

The All-New Iron Manual -- It's like OHOTMU, only for techies and engineers. Who happen to be Iron Fans.

Guardians Of The Galaxy #1 -- Rocket Racoon!

Iron Man: Legacy of Doom #2 -- I think this is about as close to a "no brainer" as you can get for me.

The Phantom #23 -- Continuing Moonstone's biggest story ever for The-Ghost-Who-Walks.

Project Superpowers #3 -- After the debacle of the FCBD Special, I just hope this makes more sense.

And, since I obviously didn't get to go to the shop last week, here's a retro-themed look at what looks good from last week.

House of Mystery #1 -- Could this signal the return of other DC Weird books? One can only hope.

Tor #1 -- I don't know why this caveman saga keeps drawing my interest. Maybe because it was a DC Explosion book at one point?

The War That Time Forgot #1 -- War Heroes! Versus! Dinosaurs!

Invincible Iron Man #1 -- Still a little shaky on a Shellhead comic that the "mainstream comic press" likes so much, but we'll see soon enough.

Iron Man: Viva Las Vegas #1 -- There was a pretty cool Shellhead story set in Vegas in the last days of volume 3. I imagine this one will sell better.

Nova #13 -- I'm still riding on the post-"Annihilation Conquest" wave, so I guess now is the time to re-check out this very cool series.

Wow. Just wow. That's way, way too much stuff! Yikes!


Mister Bones said...

I actually picked up Invincible Iron Man last week, purely on impulse. It's definitely one more for the movie fans, but it's Fraction so I gotta give it a chance.

I've read some of the Phantom stuff from Moonstone, actually bought a two-parter where he fought some voodoo zombies or something. Good stuff.

Two-Face is your favorite villain?! Nice! He's in a three way tie with Scarecrow and Dr. Doom for me, heh.

I'm hearing really good things about Tiny Titans, I may have to check it out. Also looking forward to the Shazam book. It looks great.

War that Time Forgot I normally would've been all over, but it has two words on the cover that will forevermore prevent me from buying comics that they appear on.....Bruce Jones. No. Thank. You.

Luke said...

I'm a bit biased on Tiny Titans due to my tertiary-at-best connection to the series, but so far I have been really amused by it, a pure silliness level. Unfortunately, a cameo by the Outsiders may not be able to happen. But then again, does anyone really want that besides me? I think not.

And yeah, Two-Face is my favorite Bat-baddie, one of the best in the whole superhero pantheon. I kinda became obsessed with him during the first run of B:TAS, and that plays through to today. Needless to say I was disappointed in Jones' portrayl, but remain very optimistic about Eckhart.