Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What I Read This Week

Batman And The Outsiders #7 -- Metamorpho is trapped on a mysterious space station, and fighting for his life to boot, while Grace, Green Arrow, and Katana are trapped in a Chinese prison, with Batgirl trying to free them. A "middle chapter" type of comic, where one subplot gets resolved and another moves to a climax, but the overall, larger story still continues. I like the pace Dixon is using on this series, but this is a lesser issue. Still enjoyable, but really only for Outsiders regulars.

Iron Man #29 -- Stuart Moore steps in to spell the Knaufs on Shellhead's senior title (De La Torre remains), and we see Iron Man leading a SHIELD team on a mission to find a tactical nuke which has been deployed in a small former Soviet republic, while a dangerous SHIELD artifact is reactivated. Moore has a good grasp on the modern Tony Stark, and does action and technology well. I think that this issue did a good job of differentiating the subtle difference between this title's "techno-thriller" alignment and Invincible Iron Man's superheroics. After the massive (and massively awesome) Mandarin story, this should be a nice change-up.

Flash #240 -- In this space, I have previously stated that a comic featuring a guy in a costume using his powers to rob a museum and then bedevil the Flash is the epitome of Flash comics. To that I must add: talking apes. Gorilla Grodd shows up because he's Gorilla Grodd, dammit, and the bananas really hit the fan for Wally West. Plus, just who are Brother Think amd Brother Drive, and what do they want with the "forever people" called Iris and Jai West? Peyer is all over the place in this issue, and while (similar to BATO) the major storyline doesn't get resolved or even really moved along that much, new subplots are introduced which are entertaining and intriguing. And Williams draws one sweet version of Grodd.

Justice Society of America #15 -- In the midst of a brutal, knockdown, drag-out slobberknocker with Gog, part of the Justice Society is transported to the Amazon along with their opponent, where an even more bizarre fate awaits them. Johns and Eaglesham deliver the goods in what initially appears to be just a blow-off brawl to the "Thy Kingdom Come" story (with a few little character bits pepper in there), but the end really is just the start of something bigger. It's funny, but even as Justice Leagie of America seems to meander from one event to another, JSoA just keeps right on trucking, delivering truly modernist superhero stories with a twinge of nostalgia ever month without missing a step. As a bonus, we also get a teaser page, revealing more big things coming in the next year of the title, as has become one of Johns' trademarks.

STEEL WATCH: Nathan really gets into the action this time out, going toe-to-toe with Gog and slamming him into an air-combo with Judomaster (*swoon*), plus taking Gog's best shot right in the chest and pulling his best Juggernaut impression. Aw yeah, Steel!

The Pick Of The Pile is a tough call, coming down to Iron Man and JSoA. I am going to give it to Iron Man, but only by a very slim margin; both are quite excellent and seem poised to remain that way.

So what did YOU read this week?


Mister Bones said...

As you know, I picked Dead, She Said as my book of the week, but I ended up enjoying Justice League of America more. Great opening scene with the Trinity, and a great moment for The Human Flame at the end. Also really enjoyed Justice Society, but then I always do, heh.

Luke said...

I have heard quite a number of good things about both Dead She Said and Justice League of America, so I am going to try to pick them both up this week. JLoA, especially, has surprised me in the number of positive vibes I have heard about it, considering the usual train-derailment style commentary the title receives.