Thursday, May 1, 2008

FCBD Preview

Well, no doubt anyone reading this site knows that this Saturday is the 7th Annual Free Comic Book Day! And, though you really never need an excuse to go to your local comic book shop, FCBD does offer a great reason to stop in and sample some stuff which you normally might not pick up. And, of course, you should make sure to bring along your non-comic reading friends as well, along with your spouse. Have kids? Or neices and nephews? Bring em along too, or just grab some of the many free kids or AA books and make them a nice care package. I may be a superhero fan for the most part, but I like comics in general, and anything which raises the profile of the medium is a good thing in my book. So here is a little preview of some of the more interesting selections available this year.

Teens and Older
Hellboy/BPRD FCBD Special -- Just in time for the release of the second Hellboy movie (obviously). I've always liked Mignola's quirky art.

All-Star Superman #1 -- I'm tempted to put this on the All-Ages list, but I don't know if kids will appreciate it the way an older reader might.

Project Superpowers -- So far I have enjoyed this series, and as a tool to opening new readers minds to characters other than the Big Two, it might be worthwhile.

X-Men FCBD Special -- Ah let's face it. At some point, everyone reads an X-Book.

EC Sampler -- It might just be an advertisement for the hefty hardcovers, but any type of EC is worth reading.

Salem: Queen Of Thorns -- Comics set during the Salem Witch trials. I'm intrigued if nothing else.

Drafted -- This sci-fi title sounds like a mix of Verhoven's Starship Troopers and Space: Above And Beyond.

Imaginary -- Radical Press's sampler book, and since all of their titles sound interesting, this one sounds interesting as well.

Kids and All-Ages
Gyro Gearloose FCBD Edition -- Duck comics are usually fun, and I don't think I have ever read a Gyro comic. The Uncle Scrooge freebie from a few years ago remains my all-time favorite FCBD book.

Marvel Adventures: Iron Man FCBD 2008 -- It's an MA book; it's a kick-butt movie; it's Iron Man. This is pretty straightforward, huh?

Kids Love Comics! Comic Book Diner -- Just for Patrick, The Wolf Boy, this looks like it will be cuteness overload.

Ape Entertainment's Cartoon Apalooza -- Apes! Look out Joe Quesada!

Graphic Classics -- I know Marvel has been doing updated versions of Classics Illustrated, but this looks like it has potential.

Maintenance #1 -- The concept of this title (the adventures of the custodial crew at the giant laboratory complex of a group of mad scientists) is just too amusing to pass up.

Tiny Titans #1 -- Yeah, I already bought it once, but I figure I'll give this one away to someone.

Bonus Swag
Iron Man Heroclix/Star Wars CMG Miniatures -- I've picked up a few FCBD Heroclixes over the years (Batman and Spider-Man), but Iron Man is the first one I am actively trying to get. Ironically, with him I can actually put together a team of Avengers from the original starter set my brother picked up many, many years ago. The Star Wars piece is mostly me hoping I can get the Skiff Guard (Weequay?) they show on the site -- that or a Nikto, because, let's face it, Nikto rock.

My good pals Adama and Joe are heading up for what is sure to be a nerdery-filled weeken, plus we are meeting up some more local folks as well. I am not sure if my shop is running any specials in addition to the FCBD stuff, but there's still dollar bins and other goodies to tempt. Plus, there is a second shop not too far away, so we might pop in there as well, before heading over the theater for Iron Man.

So, do you intend to head out to your shop for free comics? What looks good to YOU?

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Mister Bones said...

Being that I work part time in a comic shop, I've already got all my FCBD loot. My pick of the bunch was the Hellboy issue, but that admittedly comes with a ton of bias.

Let me know if you don't get your Iron Man heroclick, I'll send one your way.