Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Unbridled Capitalism -- Free Comics? Schyeah Right!

In my neck of the woods, Free Comic Book Day has never been merely an excuse to go to your local shop and clean them out of free four color goodies. No, the true purpose of FCBD for a converted fan such as myself is to simply get into the shop (and perhaps, if you are lucky, several other shops) and SPEND SPEND SPEND.

As detailed over at his blog Dispatches From The Arrowcave, Adama and our giant Korean friend Joe both converged on my house, and the nerdery was underway. I say this because besides the anticipation of free stuff, Adam had picked up a bunch of comics for me at his various Quarter Bin frenzies down in Atlanta-town. So before even stepping outside of my home I had some new comics. Sweet! So, after breakfast and an episode of The Spectacular Spider-Man, we made our way over to my local shop, Borderlands, to get freebies but also to hit the back issue bins! We spent a good long while in there -- my wife grabbed a Buffy trade and read the entire thing -- and then moved down the block a bit to the other comic shop in Greenville, Richard's Comics and Collectibles.

This store is substantially smaller than Borderlands square footage wise, but they don't have the same gaming stock, so I think in actual comics real-estate they are pretty similar. Anyways, they had a huge tent outside for all the freebies, and had Spider-Man and a gew Tusken Raiders roaming around as well. We made our way inside and partook of the back issue bins and impressive display of toys. On the way out, I managed to win an Iron Man button, which I promptly pinned onto my Iron Man shirt. Sweet!

From there it was time for lunch, followed by a trip to Toys R' Us, where I had to fight the urge to drop triple-digits on Iron Man stuff. I settled for one of the Superhero Squad four packs, this one featuring the classic Red-And-Golds, War Machine, Crimson Dynamo (Shatalov) and Titanium Man! The armored fun continued from there, as we hit the Hollywood 20 for a showing of Iron Man (which, as you know, is awesome). We got treated to trailers for Prince Caspian, The Dark Knight, and The Incredible Hulk to boot.

By the time we got home, I think all of us were a little too over-stimulated. So we wound down after dinner with The Film Crew's riff of Hollywood After Dark and MST3K's take on The Atomic Brain. All in all, a pretty insanely fun FCBD, with everyone having a lot of fun and bringing home a lot of swag. And so, without further ado...

Iron Man: Adama had my hookup this time, providing me with good copies of #113, 162, 163, and 174, good picks all. At Borderlands I added Annual '99, and Iron Man/X-O Manowar: Heavy Metal #1, which is actually the second part of the crossover. Riiiight. Richard's had some good stuff but it was too pricey for this trip. Still, a great haul!

(Batman and The) Outsiders: Richard's was more useful here, as there was a good selection of both the first and second series of Outsiders in a half off bin. Half off bin? Yes please! I obtained volume 1, #6 (Duke of Oil!), 10, and 11, and volume 2 #4 and 0 (and yes, a Retro Review of Zero Hour will be coming. Eventually). Adama got in the act with #15 and 23 from the first volume as well.

Magnus, Robot Fighter: The back issue selection was sparse (although, honestly, I couldn't even reach the bin at Richard's), but once again Adama comes to the rescue, with #42 and 50 to add to my collection of robot chopping madness.

Kull: Found a few more of Marvel's "other" fantasy title, with Kull The Conquerer #10, and Destroyer #12 and 13. Yes, those are the same series, the title just changed, honest! And while Adama couldn't track down any comics with the Valusian king, he did find some Marvel Conan, which will always be the standard-bearer for such comics, netting issues #195, 199, 254-256, and Annual #8.

Weird Stuff: Always on the lookout for more installments of the Weekly Dose, so I snagged Weird War Tales #19, and Vault Of Evil #19. Vault Of Evil? Another Marvel mid-70s horror mag, one which I have never encountered before. Looks like fun, even if I am sure it'll end up being a reprinter (The GCPD has no info on it).

Odds & Ends: Some interesting stuff this time out, including Rawhide Kid #151, an issue of Our Fighting Forces featuring The Losers (#147), and the first issue of the ongoing Hawk and Dove -- which reminds me that I need to email Rick.

Not bad, all told! I certainly will be kept busy reading this stuff for a while... in addition to, you know, all the stuff I still have from the Borderlands Sale, and Atlanta Comic Expo, and HeroesCon coming next month... yikes! Just yikes!

So what did YOU do for FCBD?

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