Monday, April 14, 2008

What I Read This Week

Justice Society of America #14 -- I find it hard to complain too loudly about a series as good as this one, and now I can add the fact that my main complaint -- far, far too many characters -- is an ongoing plot point, so really, in the words of Skeets, "I got nothing." Johns and Eaglesham pump it up here, with an extended cameo by Infinity Man of all people!

Steel Watch: Nathan gets a great scene here, as he saves two of his teammates from getting run over by a semi by shoulder blocking it, reminiscent of Ben Grimm's move from the first Fantastic Four.

Tiny Titans #3 -- The immortal question is asked: are the Titans heroes or sidekicks? Plus, witness the unending anguish of Dr. Light, Sidekick Elementary's long-suffering Science Teacher, Rose's turn at Show And Tell featuring her kid brother Jericho, and a visit to the Batcave, filled with rocket-powered penguins from "that movie." The activity page is a great pin-up of Aqualad in a "find the object" game. Luckily for us, rob! from The Aquaman Shrine was kind enough to scan this great piece for us. Great fun from Art and Franco, with the Jericho short being the funniest thing I have read in months.

The Pick Of The Pile is a tough call. Tiny Titans is just so much fun, I find myself actively pining for each new issue to come out. And by the same token, JSoA is just a phenomenal superhero comic, delivering the goods month in and mouth out. So, as the grand high poo-bah of the Bunker, I am calling this week a DRAW! The Titans and the Society are just going to have to share the honors this week.

So what did YOU read this week?

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