Saturday, April 19, 2008

Everybody's Linking For The Weekend

Adama shines the spotlight on Green Arrow's sidekick, err, I mean partner. Something I always wondered about Speedy/Arsenal: how does being a really good shot with a bow and arrow translate to being a good shot with a gun? Shouldn't he have split the difference and used a crossbow? Or would Huntress not allow it?

I'd like to see more fun stories like this one Rick has posted. Of course, the fact that both Aquaman and Hawkman seem unable to carry a title means it won't happen any time soon.

G Kendall talks about the time that Emma Frost starting going good, and I can recall being thoroughly annoyed at this development as a kid. And, sadly, I have yet to get over it.

Scipio makes me wish I played Heroclix everytime he posts one of his maps, like this LOSH HQ setting. Although, you know, there is that LOSH starter box...

Comics Blogger Extraordinaire rob! knows that with Aquaman, it's all about time. Seems to me that Aquaman's biggest problem in the "modern" era is the death of anthologies and backups.

BONUS GAME! Life At A Con. My brother is working a booth at NYCC, so I am sure this will be useful for him.

I totally missed out on the JL/JLI/JLE era, but Frank is nice enough to offer some thoughts. I've always wanted to check out this era because I like Beetle, Booster, and the Manhunter. Maybe I'll pick some up at some point.

Finally, check out the awesome Duck Family Tree!

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Diabolu Frank said...

JLI is good comics. The first two years are golden, annuals included, excepting a few fill-ins. Things got dicey with the launch of JLE, which never really gelled into a team worth following. JLI year three was hit and miss, with year four bouyed by the Despero arc. Year five was a clusterfuck.