Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DC Comics To Relaunch After Flashpoint

As reported on Newsarama:

"A fully revamped DC Universe for a "more modern and diverse 21st century", over 50 new #1 issues, a Geoff Johns-Jim Lee Justice League, and the first of the major comic book publishers to fully embrace "same-day" digital distribution..."

Maybe I am predictable, but my first response is one big giant UGH!

Why the heck did I just invest time and money in Brightest Day to see the return of Hawkman (and, for a while, Hawkgirl) if you were going to flush it all away and start over?!!

And Jim Lee redesigning the costumes of 50+ characters?  Coming soon -- every superheroine in a choker chain and leather jacket!

DC, why do you torture me?!  ARGH!

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Mister Bones said...

I'm going on record now as not liking this at all. I'm beyond tired of "revamps" and new first issues. Marvel has done the renumbering thing to death, and they always revert back to the original numbering.

Just put talented creators on the books and let the stories speak for themselves. No need for cheap costume changes and numbering gimmicks!

Luke said...

You know it, Mister Bones. Is there any surprise that my favorite title month in and month out seems to be Uncle Scrooge, which alternates between Carl Barks and Don Rosa stories? Or that I am reading more indy books now than I have at any time in my life? The mainstream stuff just keeps moving in directions contrary to what I want, it seems!

Diabolu Frank said...

The only reason they let Jim Lee design costumes is because they get to promote the suits with a Jim Lee drawing. Only Rob Liefeld is a less imaginative and generally worse character character designer, but at least he came up with Deadpool. What successful, lasting character has ever been re/designed by Lee? Omega Red? Psylocke (a.k.a. Elektra Blue?) Sabretooth?