Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The 3rd Dimension: Battle Corps Dr. Mindbender

Disposable income can be a bad thing.

For one thing, there is this site called eBay, where people of a certain age can spend that disposable income on things called Toys From When We Were Kids.  And unfortunately, once one opens this door, it can be very difficult to shut.

Case in point: Battle Corps Doctor Mindbender.

Now, for some background.  As some of you may know I am a big fan of GI Joe: A Real American Hero.  Have been since I was a kid and I watched the Weather Dominator miniseries.  So the toys have always been something I have been interested in.  And one of those toys which I had as a kid was Cobra's resident mad scientist Dr. Mindbender.  And I have always been a fan of that character and the toy, so recently when I had the chance to pick up the second version of Mindbender, I snapped it up.

By 1993 when this figure was released, the Joe toy line was subdivided into several subgroups -- including the Ninja Force, the sci-fi Star Brigade, the Play-Doh armored Mega Marines (don't ask), and the general Battle Corps group, to which this Mindbender belongs.  And as is appropriate for being part of the Battle Corps, Mindbender is in his field gear, ready for front line combat.  The colors are a little garish, but for the early 90s I think they work well.  Definitely a memorable combination, and the purple at least ties back to the original figure.  I like the head sculpt, which is clearly identified able as Mindbender even without his monocle.  (Interestingly enough, there was going to be another version of Mindbender in the vintage line which would have shown him with the scars of having the implants he is sporting here removed!)  The black boots are very nice as well.  I also really dig the comm-pad on his wrist, a nice detail.

Gear is something of a mixed bag.  As with all of the other toys in this year, Mindbender comes with a ton of weapons to choose from, along with the ubiquitous spring loaded launcher.  Personally I have him armed with the jagged dagger and pistol, because I can't see Mindbender using a machine gun.  Still, with all of these guns you can find one which you like so I give that's a thumbs up.

Overall, I like this figure.  I had gotten out of Joe in 1991, so I never had any of the toys from this line.  Things had gotten a little silly at this point with aliens and monsters and giant robots, but the Battle Corps subline was pretty straightforward and produced some quality figures.  As a fan of Mindbender, I like having a version of the Mad Doctor with a shirt, amongst other things.  I can see this version of Mindbender directing a BAT assault on the Joes or wearing gear like this when he was stealing the DNA to create Serpentor.  Mindbender is more at home in lab but this is GI Joe and everyone has to fight sometimes!  So now my classic Mindbender and 25th Mindbender have some company on the shelf in the form of Battle Corps Mindbender.

More retro and modern reviews to come...

Image source: Yojoe.com

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