Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fair Trade: For Your Eyes Only

I am so far behind on my Fair Trade posts that I am going to start making them shorter.  So, graphic novel, away!

For Your Eyes Only -- I picked this one up at Mr. K's in the form of the Marvel paperback version of the film adaption from 1981.  The paperback format is nice in that it lets me read the book at work, but otherwise it does not always work out well for the story, as questions and answers and other dialogue exchanges can be difficult to follow.  Still, as an adaption of one of the most low-key James Bond movies, this succeeds very well.  The art is by Howard Chaykin, and while I never would have placed Chaykin as a Bond artist, he fits well.  Larry Hama of GI Joe fame adapts Maibaum and Wilson's script admirably.  There are no extended sequences or "deleted scenes;" in fact, there's a few scenes which have been simplified from the film version.  The most notable of these is the biathlon chase sequence, which now is much more succinct.

It's interesting to read a comic adaption of FYEO if only because there are so many other Bond films which would lend themselves to comic book form much more readily.  But there have not been many James Bond comic adaptions over the years for whatever reason.  Why did this one made the cut?  I do not know the answer to that, folks.

Anyway, if you see this one cheap at a used book store, pick it up.  It's a quick read but a fairly solid adaption of a strong movie.

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Rick L. Phillips said...

I bought the 4 issue mini-series when it first came out. I don't know why this was the one that Marvel choose but it was released at the same time as the movie. Perhaps they were testing the waters for a James Bond comic book. Marvel was turning many of the movies into comic books back then. FYEO is one of my favorite Bond films and I loved this series. But it also came out during one of the happier years of my life so that is probably why I remember it so fondly.