Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What Looks Good?

Spring has sprung, although it's been 70+ in SC for weeks.  Young men's minds have begun to turn to springtime fancies... you know.  Comics.

Creepy Comics #5 -- Another pile of the creepiest creep-out comics on the racks!

Justice League of America #55 - Eclipso!  Doomsday!  New shorts, please!

Showcase Presents: The Witching Hour v.1 -- Remember when I used to do the Weekly Dose of Weird?  Books like this might help me start that up again.

Marineman #4 -- It's like Aquaman only without the royalty or the angst.

Silver Surfer #2 -- The return of... Norin Radd?  That can't be good.

Futurama Comics #54 -- You know what bugs me?  The volume 5 box of Futurama was on shelves for like a week around these parts.  Argh.

So, what looks good to YOU?

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