Thursday, March 17, 2011

DC Team Book Roundup

Outsiders #36 -- Black Lightning and his crew, fresh after their ordeal with Simon Stagg, pays a visit on his daughter Thunder and his girlfriend Grace, but little does he know that his other daughter Lightning -- and her pals in the Justice Society -- are showing up as well!  Joe Bennett's pencils are a big change from both Phillip Tan and Kieth Giffen, and while its well suited to the action in this issue but it is not really eye pleasing to me.  The story is pretty straight forward (Thunder is cool with her Dad, but Lightning is not) but its not a bad read.  There's some hints about some more bad stuff going down in Markovia as well which I appreciated.  Now that the final issue is scheduled, I take solace in knowing that DiDio is building towards a climax in this book, which I personally have enjoyed.  Pretty average issue for this run but not one of the best.  Please note the cover, which was supposed to be one of the white showcase covers but ended up red in the final release.

Justice League of America #54 -- On Diablo Island, Dr. Bruce Gordon is trying to find a way to eradicate Eclipso once and for all, but Eclipso is not some virus which can be so easily eliminated.  I think Robinson has a good voice for both Gordon and Eclipso, and treats to a pretty good recap of the characters' history while also introducing the new story, as Eclipso gathers all those whose powers are involved with shadows and darkess to his side.  Brett Booth's art is also very nice, with a sort of elfin devil look for Eclipso, plus a big honking sword. I may be more prone since I like Eclipso but I thought this was a fine issue and I cannot wait to read the next part.  The presence of The Shade and Shadow-Thief are also plusses.  

Doom Patrol #19 -- The Doom Patrol mix it up with the Secret Six on Oolong Island, and no one's particularly happy about it. I do not like Simone's Secret Six and thus did not buy the first issue of the crossover; considering the lack of story going on here (the Patrol and the Six don't like one another!) it seems that was a $3 well saved.  Nothing particularly exciting or fun in this issue, as we start the slow march towards cancellation.  I believe that Giffen will be tying things up by the end, but this issue was a waste to me.

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