Monday, December 28, 2009

What I Read This Week

The Web #4 -- The wired-in superhero The Web tracks down the architect of all of his woes in the form of Deuces Wilde, but a fight is the last thing on his mind.  Meanwhile, the Hangman tangles with a Japanese Yokai whose powers are great enough to kill the undead hero!  Angela Robinson wraps up her story and run on the Web in amicable (if open-ended fashion), as John has to deal not only with Wilde but also with his own Web Hosts, and examine why it is he does what he does.  The Hangman co-feature was interesting as well, a nice mystical action story which used the pages it had effeciently.  I for one like the scratchy art for that feature but that's just me.  I am still digging both of the Red Circle titles and look forward to more from them.  In the words of The Web "I still believe in justice."

Image United #2 -- Across the globe, more and more of the apparent supervillain army are appearing, seemingly at random, while behind the scenes Omega Spawn makes his plans known.  More flashbacks from the Image Boys, including little known ShadowHawk nemesis The Liquifier being shot to death by Superpatriot.  Also: Warbuck!  Not the deepest thing you will read all year, but if you have any fond memories of the early days of Image then you owe it to yourself to check this out.  If only for Warbuck!  Also, there is a Bloodstrike backup which is so over the top, so gruesome, so gory, that is in fact awesome.  And I am not being sarcastic.  If every comic which Liefeld did after X-Force was a take on X-Force, than this is X-Force taken to its absolute zenith.

Iron Man vs Whiplash #2 -- Tony Stark finds himself locked up in an international prison for war criminals, but that's the least of his problems when the new Whiplash comes gunning for him!  It seems that this series takes place between "The Five Nightmares" and "World's Most Wanted," as Zeke Stane shows up for a cameo and the Skrull Invasion is mentioned, but Tony still seems to be in charge of SHIELD.  Anyway, we learn more about Ivan Vanko, and it seems that despite having a name very close to the original Crimson Dynamo, he really is the new (and hopefully improved) Whiplash for the Marvel Universe, adopting some movie continuity.  Not that I mind that, since it is done in a very strong comic featuring lots of Tony Stark doing what Tony Stark does.  Hopefully this Whiplash won't end up like the first one -- beaten to death!

Mighty Avengers #32 -- When The Absorbing Man runs wild in Project Pegasus, the Avengers show up to stop him!  And so do... the Avengers?  Solid Assemblers from Slott, who's work appeals to me as long as he keeps his politics out of it.  I especially liked the bit with Karnak telling Pym that he sees a lot less "weak spots" on him now, a nice touch and a nice use of the character.  Also nicely done was the thought bubbles, which were effortless and not belabored.  Good comic.

Tiny Titans #23 -- Bats, penguins, bunnies, and a cow!  Oh my!  Robin and Barbara have to figure out how to get all the bats back in the Batcave, and try to pull a fast one on the World's Greatest Detective.  Fun, fun, fun.

Re-read Pile: Web, Iron Man vs Whiplash, Mighty Avengers.

The Pick Of the Pile is a tough one, but I am going to side with Iron Man vs Whiplash, which delivered what I was looking for in an Iron Man comic book.

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