Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What I Read This Week Part II

Here's the other two books I got this week for your review-reading enjoyment!

The Web #3 -- With Dr. Archer escaped, his Web Hosts running wild all over the globe, and Batgirl punching him in the face, John Raymond has problems.  They're going to get worse when Oracle jacks into his network.  Meanwhile, the Hangman comes face to face -- sort of -- with a foe who can drown him on dry land.  Robinson and Robinson continue their strong work on the lead feature, as The Web has to try to rein in all of his bad decisions while still hunting down the man who killed his brother.  Robinson's (Angela) script is punchy and her dialogue snappy, including Web talking back to Oracle and generally not buying what she is saying, while Robinson's (Roger) art retains is dynamic style.  In the backup, Derenick and Sienkiewicz continue with their appropriately scratchy art for the character, while Rozum introduces a new threat.  I was a little surprised to see us switch gears to Japantown after dealing with the "regular" mob last issue, but I think these stories are more vignette-style at this point.  Good issue.

Futurama Comics #46 -- It's time to Choose Your Own Adventure when the Planet Express crew has to deliver a box to certain Dr. Moebius!  This comic is like what my son eats for breakfast: bananas.  At the end of each page, you are given a choice of where to go next, like a CYOA book, but it can be read straight through as well.  Futhermore, the characters themselves recognize that they are being given bizarre choices and options, adding to the inanity.  A great use of the comic book format, with lots of page turning gags and jokes.  One of the best issues of this series I've ever read, easily.

Re-Read Pile: The Web, Futurama Comics.

The Pick Of The Pile is Futurama, because while The Web continued to build the character of the biggest jerk this side of Guy Gardner, Futurama was completely hilarious in a manner which the TV show it is based on could never be.  Great stuff.

The Combined Pick Of The Pile is Blackest Night, but all four of these comics were superlative.  A very good week!

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