Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What I Read This Week

Finally caught up!

Justice League of America #39-40 -- The remains of the Justice League heads to the Hall of Justice, but what is in store for them there is nothing short of a nightmare!  James Robinson and Mark Bagely turn in a pair of horrific comics here, depicting the insane fight between the members of the Detroit Justice League living and dead.  I know I am more prone just because Steel is there, but the fast-paced, action-oriented style of these stories has me champing at the bit to see not only the finale of Cry For Justice but how Robinson is going to handle the main JLA book.  Strong tie-ins, but excellent in their own right as well.

Outsiders #25 -- Thw two-pronged Blackest Night tie-in concludes, as Katana, Halo, Creeper and Killer Croc deal with Katana's family, while back at home Geo-Force, Black Lightning, Owlman, and Metamorpho tangle with Terra.  This issue also serves as the end of Tomasi and Pasarin's run, making way for Dan Didio and Phillip Tan's new direction next month.  Well, if you gotta go, go with style, and that's what this is.  Both stories are strong and entertaining, and the action is pretty non-stop.  They even take the time to set up the next arc.  This run, as much as I have enjoyed it, will be remembered once more as an Outsiders crew who were not given time to stretch their legs and really live up to their potential.  Farewell, Peter and Fernando; welcome aboard, Dan and Phillip.

Ultimate Comics: Armor Wars #3 -- From Transylvania to London, Tony Stark and Justine Hammer are finding themselves up to their ears in Starktech!  A fun romp, but infused with typical Ultimate snarkiness (Dreadknight, upon seeing Justine attacking him, asks "Why is there a girl in my house without a leash on?") just so you know that this is not a mainstream Marvel book.  Not really sure how this all wraps up in one more issue, but it's been a solid read so far, and this issue is no exception.

Invincible Iron Man #21 -- With all of the necessary players in one place, Tony Stark's master plan to "reboot" himself starts!  A lot less in the talking heads department than last month, while this issue gives the illusion of a lot of things going on, there really isn't all that much.  But as far as a set up issue, it's pretty decent.  The art is pretty good save for the utterly awful new costume for The Ghost.

Re-Read Pile: Justice League of America, Outsiders, Ultimate Comics: Armor Wars, Invincible Iron Man

The Pick Of The Pile is Outsiders, just barely edging out JLoA (which I am considering one issue for my purposes here).  

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