Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What Looks Good?

I'm getting ready to go flying a jet airplane to the Windy City, but that doesn't mean I can't pine away for this week's new comics from afar!

Batman Confidential #27 -- King Tut?  King Tut!  WILD!

Essential Power Man and Iron Fist v.2 -- SWEET CHRISTMAS!  Of course, I own nearly all of the comics contained in this collection, but still, this is pretty darn awesome.

Invincible Iron Man #11 -- Tony Stark?  Still the Most Wanted.

Marvel Apes: Speedball Special -- Shock the Monkey!  Okay, yeah, that was bad.

X-Men Manifest Destiny: Nightcrawler -- I haven't been following what is going on with the X-Men save for Havok and Polaris, but I've always liked Nightcrawler.

So, what looks good to YOU?

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