Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What I Read This Week

Justice Society of America #24 -- With Billy Batson kicked off the Rock of Eternity by Black Adam and Isis, he turns to his old friends in the Justice Society to help get back.  But even he cannot predict the way events are going to spiral out of control!  After the insane build-up and payoff of the Gog storyline, this new story (Geoff Johns' last with the Society for the time being) is something of a let-down.  The real star here is Jerry Ordway.  His big shining moment is the extended flashback sequence detailing the murder of Billy's parents by Theo Adam.   But otherwise, this issue is lackluster.

Sgt. Rock: The Lost Battalion #4 -- Easy and their compatriots are still pinned down, and even attempts to air-drop supplies in turn out catastrophic.  Help is coming in the form of the Nisei, but will anyone be alive by the time they reach them?  Tucci's war epic continues with the Lost Battalion still surrounded in what seems a hopeless situation.  Good mileage is made this issue with a focus on the Nisei themselves, including the ridiculous predjudices they have to face despite their bravery in putting their lives on the line.  A sequence involving a tank ambush against Easy is among the best I have ever seen.  This is definitely a series which will be read in one sitting once it is complete.

Unknown Soldier #5 -- Dr. Lwanga seems on the road to recovery, leaving the orphans in good hands and reuniting with his wife.  But everything is shattered when the rebels show up in their camp.  This series is a tough nut for me.  I really enjoy it, but it is so harsh and brutal that it is hard for me to read in a monthly format.  I am seriously thinking about moving to reading this in collection.  Of course, a Vertigo title dropping readers is not a good thing.  So I am torn.  

The War That Time Forgot #10 -- Everything is starting to come off the rails, as the warriors have to not only deal with dinosaurs both real and mechanical, but now a swarm of mutated insect-men!  Is there any way to escape this experiment or will mankind's true warlike nature win out?  Developments progress about as you would expect considering the endgame being in sight, but this series has remained a good read for me.

Nova #22 -- The Worldmind is recruiting new Centurians at an alarming pace, which concerns former Nova Richard Rider.  The Worldmind thinks that Richard has started to go crazy from the strain of his duties, and Richard has begun to doubt his sanity as well.  But things are rarely ever that simple for Richard!  Fun "middle chapter" of the new Nova Corps saga, with some nice "I'm not crazy, you're the crazy one!" give and take.  DnA are clearly building to something big, and Di Vito's pencils are a strong match.

War Machine #3 -- Rhodey faces what might be his toughest challenge ever in the form of the war god Ares!  But what does this battle-crazed madman want with War Machine and his quarry?  High octane, over-the-top violent fun, which is this title's fortay.  This actually is the only time I can think of where I have actually enjoyed Ares' presence in a story.

The Pick of the Pile goes to Nova, although I really liked Sgt. Rock this week as well.  War Machine also continues to have a really strong launch, far outclassing it's stable-mate Invincible Iron Man.

So, what did YOU read?

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