Monday, December 22, 2008

What Looks Good

What's this?  New Comic Book Day this week is Christmas Eve?  And that means you won't be buying your comics on Wednesday?  You think that just because its the day before a major holiday during a season when most people travel or otherwise occupy themselves with family and friends that you think you CAN'T go to the comic book shop?!  Not going to the comic book shop on Christmas Eve is not just immoral, it's Un-American!*

(*Not going to the comic book shop on Christmas Eve is neither immoral nor Un-American.)

The Flash #247 -- This was your life, Wally West... hope you survive the experience.

Unknown Solider #3 -- Take a trip back into the jungles of Uganada, aka Hell, with the new Soldier.

Vigilante #1 -- Ultra-violence in the traditional DC manner.  This series has my interest piqued after Vigilante's appearance in Batman And The Outsiders.

Nova #20 -- The Nova Corps... reformed!  And how!  All this plus Darkhawk!

The Phantom #26 -- Not sure how much longer this series from Moonstone is going to continue before the relauch, but I am very happy to see it still coming out.

So, what looks good to you?

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