Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What I Read This Week, Continued!

Well, I managed to get the balance of the comics from last Wednesday read last night, so if you will indulge me for a second day, I'll be all caught up.  Nyah!

Unknown Soldier #2 -- The horrors of Uganda start to come to a head for the good doctor, his now disfigured face bandaged as he recovers in a tiny Christian girl's orphanage.  But that doesn't stop the haunting nightmares and the voices in his head that compel him to violence.  So far, this title is equal parts expected and unexpected.  It's becoming clear to me that this title will not become more like the old Soldier, with the "master of disguise" angle, but instead focus on this maimed man and the hellish war.  Depressing and distressing but also really damn compelling stuff.

The War That Time Forgot #7 -- The two factions on the island seem to have a common problem in the form of the strange beings who observe them through the shiny eyes of the beasts.  But who are they and what do they want?  Production problems plague this issue, with several misplaced word baloons that you wouldn't expect to see in 2008.  One that confusion is past, though, the issue itself is pretty neat, as the mystery of the island builds, and with a giant spider attack thrown in for good measure.

Guardians Of The Galaxy #7 -- Following the fallout last issue when it was revealed that Peter Quill had manipulated the Guardians into joining up, the team is splintered to the various ends of the galaxy, including Rocket Racoon leading a new team of Guardians against the Badoon.  But what about Quill?  Features a nice primer on the old school Guardians of the Galaxy, which is appropriate as the stories seem set to collide a bit here.  Also, there's a quick reference to the "War Of The Kings."  Will the Guardians be involved in that conflict too, I wonder?  Possibly the most fun you will have reading a comic book with a talking telepathic Russian dog.

Nova #19 -- The Nova Corps... reformed!  On... Earth?  The Worldmind is no longer housed in the head of Richard Ryder, and now is free to repopulate the Corps, whether Richard likes it or not.  Fast paced action, as we are introduced to the new "core" of the Corps, and Darkhawk continues to show up, so that's always a plus.  This series is strong pretty much month in and month out.

Kull #2 -- With the last of his opposition surrendering, Kull's rule in the Seven Empires is undisputed -- openly.  But many are those who would have the barbarian king dethroned through any means necessary.  While the King meets with his tribal enemies the Picts, it seems a serpentine cult has begun to wind itself through Valusia.  Strong sword and sorcery stuff, really highlighting the fact that Kull, while the King of Valusia, is also a servant to the law and to the heavy weight of history.  We get to see Ka-Nu, King of the Pictish tribes, and his seeing he and Kull interact is a real pleasure, especially if you know the relationship they have later (Brule the Spear-slayer gets a mention but does not appear yet).  If you like Robert E. Howard's work or barbarians in general then you can't go wrong with this title.  (Dark Horse -- please make this an ongoing or a series of minis!)

Sgt. Rock: The Lost Battalion #2 -- Cut off from the rest of their allies, Easy Company and the rest of the Lost Battalion try to find their way out of the wilderness, but the Nazi's professional mountain soldiers have them surrounded... and trapped.  The attention to detail which Tucci has applied here is admirable, and the ambush of Easy by the Germans is scary and exhilirating all at once.  The issue is unfortunately undone by Tucci's art, which makes it hard to keep track of who is who.  If wishes were fishes this would be drawn by Joe Kubert, but wishes ain't fishes so it ain't.  The story is pretty darn good so far though.

Marvel Apes #0 -- Reprinting the first appearance and origin of Marty Blank, AKA The Gibbon, as well as the first Marvel Apes story from Spider-Man Family and all of the Ape Variant covers.  The Amazing Spider-Man stuff is just alright, and man, Pete was a real whiner in the mid-70s!  Wah wah wah I made my Aunt sad my girlfriend likes Flash Thompson I have no money wah wah wah.  Yeesh.  The Gibbon was considered a dog of a character for a reason, and his intro is not exactly a glowing endorsement to go pick up that era's Essential volume.  Not really worth the money, but as a bookend of sorts for the Marvel Apes miniseries (which, of course, I really dug), I'll take it -- at least now I have all of the covers and the short as well.

The Pick Of The Pile is Kull, edging out the two Marvel cosmic titles, both of which were really good.  Comparing the two days, Justice Society of America still wins out.

So, uh, what ELSE did YOU read this week?


Diabolu Frank said...

Sadly, I chose not to continue with Kull, Sgt. Rock or the Unknown Soldier after the first issues, though I may try the latter again in trade.

Luke said...

Considering dropping Unknown Soldier as well. It's really not what I expected, so far...