Monday, September 29, 2008

What I Read This Week

These are a little stale, since obviously I was too busy being in Belize last Wednesday to make it to the LCS.  But these are the last comics I have read, so nyah.

Batman And The Outsiders #11 -- Tieri takes over for Chuck Dixon and everything falls apart.  A big, jumbled mess of complaining and angst which drops the ball pretty handily.  Oy.

Flash #244 -- Alan Burnett and Paco Diaz tackle the first post-"Fast Money" Wally West story and it's pretty good.  What is the cost of curing Iris and Jai for their father?  Enjoyable Flash story, but one has to wonder what this means for the character of Wally West.  

Tiny Titans #8 -- It's report card time at Sidekick Elementary, and we get some insight into everyone's best subjects.  Plus, Beast Boy gets caught up in his reading at the library.  And is it any surprise that Robin is scared of clowns?  Adorable as always.

Guardians Of The Galaxy #5 -- More distrust and suspicion running rampant on Knowhere as the Guardians are being cut off at the knees while trusted comrades seem to be behaving not-quite-like-themselves.  The entire "Secret Invasion" fiasco holds little interest for me but this story has been using the Skrull motif in a very compelling manner.  Top-notch stuff.

Iron Man #33 -- Or, War Machine: The Prologue.  In the wake of Tony Stark's technology being conveniently disabled during Secret Invasion, it's up to Jim Rhodes and Suzi Endo (whoa... Force Works flashback!) to save the world.  Very 90s (the Chen artwork does a lot to add to that impression) and over the top, this is a fast read, the very opposite of what this title has been since the Knaufs took over after Ellis.  Still, for a War Machine title that's just fine with me.  Gage really likes Rhodey and that shows.  If this is what we can expect from the ongoing than I will be happy.  

Marvel Apes #2 -- The hairiest Marvel event ever takes a bizarre, and yet still awesome, hard left turn here as the big secret behing the Apevengers is revealed, and it ain't pretty.  Kesel and Bachs' series about intelligent apes in capes might have started out as a "cocktail party joke" but it has really captured my interest as a legitimate alternate reality tale.  Very much wondering where this goes from here!  

glamourpuss #3 -- Gone Missin'.  At least, it was as of the 17th, since my shop didn't get it in their shipment.  Should hopefully be there by now.

The Pick Of The Pile was Marvel Apes, which has crossed a threshold into the absurd the likes of which cannot be easily topped.  For what it's worth, Batman And The Outsiders was one of the worst DC comics I have read in a long time.  Yikes.

So what did YOU read last week?

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