Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Reminder, and New Awesomeness

Just a friendly reminder that thanks to the holiday on Monday, new comic books will be delayed this week until tomorrow.  Sure, you can go to your local comic shop, but they won't have anything new for you.

While you are waiting, you should head over to my blog-pal's Rick's newest offering, Let's Rap With Cap, focusing on that Star-Spangled Sentinel, Captain America!  I've always been a fan of Cap in the Avengers and other supporting roles, but only recently have I purchased any serious amount of Cap's solo title, in the form of Essential Captain America v.1.  The Lee-Kirby Cap is crazy fun... or perhaps just crazy, in the typical Kirby manner!  So I am looking forward to seeing some of that run, as well as Kirby's later solo run (which I am hoping to find some of next time I go Con-ing) featured on Rick's blog.  So go check it out!

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