Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What Looks Good?

Attention! Attention! There's only 6 more shopping days before Christmas! So why not head on down to your local comics retailer and spread some holiday cheer?

Aliens Omnibus v.2 -- Not buying this one (need the first one), but man, I do lioke these Dark Horse Omnibi. I'm really hoping they bring out one for their Robocop stuff!

Batman And The Outsiders #3 -- The Outsiders apparently have a new member in Batgirl, about whom I know nothing save that Deathstroke gave her evil mind-control drugs, or something.

Superman #671 -- Camelot has Fallen. There's a Third (and fourth, and canine) Kryptonian. Time to move forward with more Big Blue Boyscout fun.

Captain America: The Chosen #5 -- Not written by Ed Brubaker, so don't expect this to get any attention at all.

Iron Man: Enter The Mandarin #4 -- This lovingly-retro Shellhead story has all sorts of rewards for those who spent way too much of their life reading Iron Man comics. Like some bloggers out there.

So what looks good to YOU?

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