Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What Looks Good?

Take some time off from all that hectic holiday shopping and buy a little something for yourself! You deserve it.

Wonder Woman #15 -- What new adventures does Simone have in store for Our Favorite Amazon? Well, one hopes it doesn't involve pumping gas.

X-Men: Die By The Sword #5 -- Yeah, I know, Luke, how can you read this, Claremont sucks, yadda yadda yadda; well, I like Captain Britian, and Excalibur, so nyah on the naysayers.

Transformers: Beast Wars: The Ascending #3 -- This series is so good, it makes me want to break all my Beast Wars toys out of storage and wage an epic, living room scale war.

Light week -- Good thing, as that aforementioned holiday shopping has been taking it's toll. so what looks good to YOU?


Diabolu Frank said...

While I refuse to absolve Jodi Picoult of any wrongdoing, I was thumbing through my copy of "Wonder Woman: Featuring Over Five Decades Of Great Covers" today, and I'm glad the Amazing Amazon worked a stint at Taco Bell. The Bolland cover didn't hurt, but it was nevertheless a good story, damn it!

Adama said...

Living room sized battle? Let me know if you need Silverbolt or Jetstorm! :)