Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What Looks Good?

Well, I never made it to the shop last week, so this week will be BIG! Yeah yeah yeah! It's not small? No, no, no! Check out the shipping list and awaaay we go!

JSA Classified #29 -- What, you got a problem with Mr. Terrific? EVERYONE wishes they could have his powers in the real world!

Outsiders: Five of a Kind #4 -- An ocean under a desert. Why does that sound like something from AM Radio?

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #33 -- The only thing missing from this title: Lightning Lad frying dudes left and right!

Superman #666 -- 6! 6! 6! The Number of the Beast! Hell! And Fire! Were spawned to be released! *Headbang!*

Annihilation: Conquest: Starlord #2 -- The most dysfunctional group this side of my family reunion takes center stage!

Iron Man #21 -- World War Hulk? What was that? We now return you to your regularly scheduled Shellhead.

Marvel Adventures: Iron Man #4 -- Last issue featured Plantman. Plantman. You know you want it.

Ray Harryhausen Presents: 20 Million Miles More #2 -- If you don't like Harryhausen, I must ask: what's the matter with you?!

Showcase Presents: Wonder Woman V.1 -- One more step in my ongoing, failing plot to get my fiancee into comics.

So what looks good to YOU?

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