Thursday, August 30, 2007

Join Forces? You Mean Like...

Team Up?

Hey everyone, head on over to my pal Rick's new comic blog, Mail It To Team-Up, where he'll be taking a look at an enduring concept in superhero comics -- namely, the Team-Up! Join in for all the hijinks as two guys meet, possibly fight each other for a few pages, then work together to wail on someone else!

As a tribute and a "good luck!" wish to the new blog, I present to you one of my favorite Team-Ups ever, the first meeting between Luke Cage, Power Man, and the Ever-Lovin' Blue-Eyed Thing, as seen in Marvel Two-In-One #13!
Marvel Two-In-One #13
Yes, the monster's name is Braggadoom. Yes, he is named after the sound effect he creates when he destroys stuff. And yes, that is in fact awesome.

So go check it out, won't you?


Rick L. Phillips said...

Thanks for the shout out Luke. I don't have that issue of Marvel Two in One but somehow I plan to get the story and one day I will review it.

Anonymous said...

Yo, Luke, guess who picked up a ton of new comics at Dragoncon? Too slow: the answer is me!

I got some seriously cool stuff, including a bunch of badass silver age marvel I'd been looking for.

Adam is very excited.