Saturday, January 15, 2011

Public Domain Theater: Hercules

On today's installment of Public Domain Theater, we are featuring the classic peplum Hercules starring Steve Reeves!

Shot and produced in Italy with a primarily Italian cast (except of course for the star), Hercules was subject to an intense marketing campaign in the US, with a insanely large coast to coast opening for a movie with a budget this low. The ploy worked: the film was a financial success as audiences flocked to see the muscular Reeves on the big screen, and a sequel, Hercules Unchained was quickly put into production, and suddenly Rome found itself inundated with an endless parade of peplum starring various historical strongmen, including Samson, Goliath, and Italian mythical hero Machiste. These films were long staples of double features, and later, TV syndication in the US, including the memorable "Mighty Sons Of Hercules" syndication package.


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