Thursday, October 21, 2010

Iron Man 2.0 Coming Soon

Nick Spencer, the writer on such comics I have never read as Existence 2.0 and Morning Glories, is taking the reins on a new War Machine series being titled, oddly, Iron Man 2.0.  You can read about it over on Newsarama.

"The reality is, if we dropped War Machine into Afghanistan today, it would not change the situation at all... We live in an era of asymmetrical warfare. These entities are so agile and so difficult to identify, that we're at a loss as to how to win anymore... How do you deal with an enemy that you can't simply point a gun at, and you can't simply punch?"

An interesting take, especially considering that the previous War Machine series was so over the top about it's combat and violence.  Spencer apparently has a background in politics, but says this won't be a political book.  I'll believe that when I see it, especially from Marvel.  And as to the title?  Say all you want about it being a creative decision, but the fact is that its another book which Marvel can slap the "Iron Man" name on and sell under that brand, rather than the not-nearly-as-marketable "War Machine."

Still, I have always dug Rhodey and will be checking this series out.  Wow, three Marvel books (Invincible Iron Man, Namor, and now this one)... been a while since I have been at that level!


Craig Staufenberg said...

Hey there!

I was wondering how I would go about getting a book reviewed by you that I made? I don't mean to spam or anything, and I apologize if this is unwelcome- I just couldn't find any contact email on your site.

Let me know if this is something you're interested in!


Luke said...

@Craig -- I have sent you an email, though why you would want my opinion I don't know...