Monday, October 25, 2010

What I Read This Week

Brightest Day #12 -- It's a Martian Manhunter-a-go-go here, as J'Onn heads back to Mars and confronts the murderous other Green Martian, D'Kay.  As a Manhunter solo effort, I liked this issue, even if I am not entirely sold on where his story is going.  But I liked the history of D'Kay and the final double-twists at the end.  Definitely setting up a new status quo for Our Favorite Martian.

DCU Halloween Special 2010 -- A mix of the spooky and the silly for the holiday season.  The best story involves Batman and Robin teaming up with I, Vampire to take down a vamprific cult in Gotham City.  The Teen Titans story was funny, and the lead, dealing with the Scarecrow being captured by several, uh, Batmen, made me laugh.  Fun reading, if not especially deep or really all that horrific.

Tiny Titans #33 -- All Robin, all the time!  That's the premise behind this Bat-heavy romp.  Best bit: Lil Cassie Cain carrying around Alfred's autographed picture of Dan Didio.

Tomb Of Terror #1 -- Four tales starring the Marvel pantheon of monsters, just in time for Halloween.  In black and white to boot!  Man-Thing, Werewolf By Night, the Son Of Satan, and The Living Mummy all appear, and each one acquits themselves admirably.  The SoS story has some art which looks downright amateurish in places, but it's serviceable.  Odd note: The cover calls out that there are 48 pages, but in reality there are only 30 (no ads)!  Ooops!

Re-Read Pile: Brightest Day, Tomb Of Terror.

The Pick Of The Pile was Tomb Of Terror, which if Marvel made into some sort of ongoing (quarterly perhaps?), I would definitely add to my pull list.

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